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Tax Preparation Services

Record keeping and our ability to track income and expenses comes into play with submitting taxes. There is the need to complete forms and timely submit them to various government agencies, but there can be more to tax services. Having an understanding of what your tax bill will be will help you plan and not face surprises come April 15th!

I work with my clients to understand their situation. Their long-term goals might include saving in a tax-deferred account (401(k) or IRA would be an example). It might be setting up their business in a way that allows them to use current funds to grow their business and enjoy more of what they do.

You may just need an annual tax preparation service. I do that too.

Choosing a tax preparer is the first decision you need to make. There are many people who are qualified. This IRS video explains some of the items you should consider in choosing a tax preparer. You can find more at this IRS site.

Each engagement is unique to the person who walks through the door. A basic engagement would include a federal form 1040, Schedule A & B and includes my time in reviewing your situation and creating the return. That includes e-filing and your state income tax return preparation. 

Appointments - I always like to see my tax clients but I understand that busy schedules can make that difficult. We can use a secure portal to exchange documents, call to review information and other of today's tools to connect. 

First-time clients - I offer 1 hour complimentary for new clients. Get to know me and ask questions. I need a little extra time that first year to gather data and get to know you. This hour will give us a time to cover those items.

Referrals - I appreciate a referral from someone I know and take it as a great compliment that they chose to refer my services. 

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